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The modern office environment is changing as current research indicates that actively improving employee's well-being at work can significantly increase productivity. Decreasing discomfort and stress are among the most effective dynamics in creating a positive, healthy and productive workplace. Massage therapy addresses both issues.

Consider hiring Touchstone Massage Therapy to provide on-site services to your office or business. Regularly scheduled visits or one-off massages can both be effective in improving staff health and morale. 

Employees are invaluable to the success of any business. Why not reward them with a corporate massage therapy package? Treatments can be as simple as 15-minute rotations of chair massage to full 90-minute table massages in your office. 

Our therapist will provide:
- Table/Chair
- Lotions/gels
- Sheets and pillows
- Music chosen by you


Please contact us with any questions and for further details.

*Our Touchstone Therapist has years of experience with workplace contracts ranging from small branches to massive corporate offices.

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