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Touchstone Massage Therapy strives for comfort, YOUR comfort. Our goal is to require as little as possible from you and give you as much as we can.

Every appointment with a TMT RMT includes an interview and assessment at the beginning, hands on massage therapy and a customized homecare plan inclusive of exercises, stretches or movements.

Things you don’t have to worry about: Messy house, pets, noisy children and the like. We’re all human and these are likely the reasons you’ve selected a mobile service in the first place!

What we need from you: Your Therapist will require a working space for the massage table. A space of about 7ft x 5ft is ideal. If you’d prefer some of the finer things such as an electric table warmer please make sure the room has an outlet somewhere. It’s your home and we can setup wherever: living room, basement, bedroom or even the kitchen. Need to slide over a heavy coffee table or shimmy a couch over? Your Therapist can help!

If you’re worried you can’t possibly have enough space for a full massage table don’t worry, we can also bring a chair for chair massage instead of a table and save a lot of space, just let us know when making your booking.

What can you expect from us?

Your Touchstone RMT will arrive at your home with everything necessary to give you the complete massage therapy clinic experience. Standard items include:

  • Full size, stable and comfortable massage table

  • High Quality massage lotion and gel

  • Soft table cover for maximum comfort

  • Full size adjustable-temperature electric table warmer

  • Sheets and pillows

  • Portable speaker with your choice of music

  • Extension cord

  • Portable point of sales machine to accept most forms of payment


Optional items (please let us know when booking if you require any of the below):

  • Massage chair instead of table (for space or comfort reasons)

  • Comfortable Earthlite pregnancy massage pillowing system (for laying face down)

If you have your own lotion or oil, scented or unscented, that you'd like to use, no problem!

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