Touchstone Massage Therapy (TMT) is a mobile massage therapy service that allows you to book a massage in the comfort of your home.

TMT provides Massage Therapy to Cochrane, Bearspaw, Bragg Creek and Redwood Meadows. Our Massage Therapist has 8 years experience treating a wide variety of conditions with a focus on sports injuries, prenatal massage, deep tissue massage and chronic injury recovery. Regardless if you use Massage Therapy for recovery, prevention or relaxation, it should always be comfortable. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the mess, the pets, the kids or driving in bad weather. We come to you saving you time, energy and stress.

Never had massage therapy before? Not sure if massage therapy is right for you? Need a specific time? Please give us a call or get in touch and ask questions, we're happy to help!


Touchstone MT currently operates within Cochrane, Bearspaw*, Redwood Meadows* and Bragg Creek*, AB city limits.

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Opening Hours:

Monday - Saturday: 8am - 10pm ​

Sunday: 1pm - 6pm


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