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Vicki E.

Brett is one of the best massage therapists I have ever had. As a given he is fully qualified with years and years of experience with a full range of people from international athletes to pregnant mums to be and active pensioners. As a paddler I have represented my country twice and won a World Bronze medal and without Brett I simply would not have been able to push my body and recover in time to keep my training programme up. When Brett was based in Hong Kong he was working with some of the best athletes in the country and every one of my referrals to him came back to me and said…”Brett, wow he knows his stuff and his massage is excellent” He actually became quite the expert in massaging paddlers. I am seriously gutted he has moved back to Canada and beyond jealous of anyone that reads this and decides to work with him. I say that because one session every now and again will not fix your problems but work with Brett on a regular basis and the man will get to the root of the problem and you will always walk out of his therapy room feeling a ton better! So book a session, then book a package – it will be the best money you spend on your body!


Vicki Easton, Great Britain Premier Dragonboat Coach based in Hong Kong 2017 Great Britain, co-captain and world bronze medalist Actually just a regular person with aches and pains that constantly need fixing!

John I.

I really appreciate all Brett's done for me the last few years. He has great hands and is always very focused and uses a variety of different techniques and always takes the time to explain what he's doing. His home care plans have been fantastic and helped me a lot in my boxing career. If you're an athlete, see Brett. 


In 2015 when I was pregnant with my first child, I was recommended to a massage therapy clinic in Hong Kong and that's where I met Brett. He was a life saver through both my pregnancies. Maternity massage can be really tricky and Brett has extensive knowledge of how the body works and was able to provide very useful and safe massages. It's not just his expertise with massage but also his interpersonal skills that make every session so enjoyable and relaxing. Definitely what you need when carrying a bump! 

Tom B.

Brett Enns is an excellent therapist who's treatments are well thought out, thorough, and effective. He is very experienced and attentive to his patients needs, and I have never been disappointed in years of treatments with him. I highly recommend Brett Enns, whether it is for an orthopedic condition, or just relaxation - he's your guy. 

John C.

I decided to see Brett as he was highly recommended to me by my wife. I've had a terrible shoulder for years and would randomly go through days, sometimes even weeks without being able to move my arm. After seeing Brett a few times, I was able to move my arm completely without any recurring pain

Cecilia D.

Brett came to my house to give me a treatment when I was immobilized due to a disc hernia. I was terrified as I couldn't move and was in excruciating pain. After one treatment I was able to feel my back and leg again and move. Brett is an excellent massage therapist as he is extremely caring and attentive. His goal was to help me move, and he did​

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